Anti-Wrinkle Injections Advice


​Prior to your treatment, make up will be removed and the skin disinfected. Before photographs will be taken prior to your treatment and at your two week review to compare your treatment results​.

The area of injection sites are marked up as the botulinium toxin is injected under the skin into the muscle with a small needle.

Effects from the treatment takes on average 2-3 days to start working however we say 14 days for the full results to be seen.


You may experience slight discomfort around the area from the needle

Avoid massaging or applying heat to the area for 12 hours after treatment

Avoid activities that cause flushing suck as exercise, alcohol consumption, hot tubs, saunas etc

You should avoid aspirin and alcohol 24 hours pre and post treatment

Do not apply make up for the rest of the day prior to your treatment

Two weeks after treatment expect a review appointment to check on how the treatment has gone