Frequently asked questions

What treatment should I choose?

You do not have to decide on which treatment to book. During your consultation and facial assessment, treatments and products recommendations will be discussed with you. Just leave the hardwork to the experts!

What if I want to buy skincare products?

You can send us a message to order your skincare products or use the shop page within the webiste to order. Products will be shipped directly to your home address

What is the cancellation policy?

You must allow 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment or your deposit will not be refunded.

Can I recieve multiple treatments in one appointment?

Of course! Combination therapies can be combined to achieve the perfect results.

What treatment should I choose?

You do not have to book a treatment to book a time slot. Why don't you book in for a face to face consultation or video consultation to discuss your skin concerns, a bespoke treatment plan will be then tailored to your skin concerns and skin goals. Use the link in the treatment menu or book a consultation page

What is a patch test?

A laser patch test is always carried out before your first treatment. After completing a thorough medical questionairre, this is the final check to ensure you do not have side effects following the laser treatment. The laser patch test allows us to assess your skin reactions and to determine the settings to be used during your treatment.