Ultra-fresh smoothing, lifting + brightening eye contour day serum with peptides, caffeine + hyaluronic acid.

Enriched with caffeine, it stimulates skin around the eyes, encourages micro-circulation and decongests skin to act on dark circles and under-eye bags. Formulated with peptides and hyaluronic acid, the eye area is smoothed, firmed and hydrated, ready for the day. Plus, it comes with an innovative applicator! The metal pipette is designed to massage the product directly into the targeted area for an instant refreshing effect, maximising the action to banish under-eye bags and dark circles. No more shadows and puffiness in the morning – eyes are fresh, awakened and smoothed. 


Directions for use

Draw a small amount of serum into the pipette, apply to non-irritated skin around the eyes, then massage in with the metal tip. You can finish by massaging with your fingertips until the serum is fully absorbed. Do not apply to the eye itself. To maximise the benefits, use the self-massage technique.