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Laser Hair

The complete solution for safe and effective laser hair removal. We can treat all skin types and treatments can be performed any time of the year, including on tanned skin. Soprano ICE is the most complete and effective laser hair removal solution available today.

Banish unwanted hair pain free at Sorelle Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic

For every unwanted hair, light or dark, we have the solution!

Every 4-6 weeks for body hair reduction | Every 4-6 weeks for facial hair reduction
Courses are available in 6 and 8 sessions.

Save up to 30% discount on all Laser Hair Removal packages. 

Treatments prices start from as little as £30

Treatment Time

15-90 mins

(depending on area)


None. The area may be slightly red after treatment

Treatment Areas

Whole body.

For men and women

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The Treatment


With this award-winning technology, you'll be able to pay for your course of treatments over several months, interest free, and experience pain-free permanent hair reduction the way the celebrities do!

Why Choose Soprano Ice Platinum

  • We can treat all skin types 1-6, even tanned skin

  • Virtually pain free

  • Proven safety record

  • The Soprano Ice Platinum combines 3 laser wavelengths into a single innovative handpiece, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle.

  • Fast treatment time

  • No more ingrown hairs

  • We can treat most hair colours blonde, grey and red hair

With the hair growth cycle very 6-8 weeks, we suggest 6-8 treatments (on average) for permanent hair removal

Depending on the treatment area, a session of laser can take as little as a few minutes, and/or even up to over an hour. After each session, hair in the treated area will appear finer.


Download a copy of the Laser Hair Removal treatment list here

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