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Yes, dermal filler treatments are generally safe when administered by qualified professionals. We use high quality hyaluronic acid fillers in our dermal filler treatments, and our experienced advanced practitioners prioritize your safety throughout the procedure.

All treatments require a full consultation to assess if you are suitable. We do not treat those pregnant or breastfeeding.

We take every measure to ensure your comfort. Dermal filler treatments involve minimal discomfort, and for your convenience, we may use a topical numbing cream.

Your aftercare will be discussed during and following your treatment, you will also receive a copy of your aftercare by email. We are on hand to support your Dermal Filler journey and welcome you to call  if you were to have any concerns. Including an out of hours emergency contact, for your complete peace of mind.

Generally, there is minimal downtime associated with dermal filler treatments. You may experience some swelling or bruising, but these effects are typically short-lived. Most of our clients resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

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From £150 per syringe (depending on area)

Time of Procedure

30 mins

Discomfort Level

2 out of 5



Average Sessions Required

Depends on area, but generally 1 per year