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Pressotherapy Birmingham


Pressotherapy works by acting on the deep layers of the dermis, blood vessels and your lymphatic system.

Pressotherapy treatment is a safe and effective treatment for increasing muscle tone and gaining more of a toned figure during weight loss. It also helps with chronic fatigue, removes toxins out of the body through lymphatic drainage and helps with swelling in the legs. A really effective full body massage which is a great, relaxing alternative to liposuction.

If you have any underlying health condition and or are taking any medications please email to seek advice and treatment suitability before booking.

Pressotherapy for the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the most complex and important components of the human body. Safety and health directly depend on the lymphatic system because it is the "first to meet" pathogenic micro-organisms and rebuke them.

The lymphatic system removes toxins, toxic components and decay products, In fact, a persons immunity strength and development depend on this function. The healthier and more complete the lymphatic system is, the better it resists pathogens and the faster it copes with foreign bodies that were still able to permeate into the body.

How does the human lymphatic system work?

The role of the body's lymphatic system is, first, in resisting negative factors of the external environment, protection from destructive external influences, and filtration of pathogenic and toxic units that somehow penetrated the internal environment of the human body. The human lymphatic system performs functions without which it is impossible to maintain the health and vitality of the body, it's full functionality and optimal well-being.

How to preserve the lymphatic system?

You should undergo a preventative course of lymphatic drainage massage (for example pressotherapy) at least 2 times per year. Such an effect will significantly speed up and facilitate lymph flow, will serve as an additional stimulation of the lymphatic vessels, stimulate the outflow of excess interstitial fluid and prevent the formation of oedema.

According to research data, one session of such massage replaces several manual procedures or 2 workouts in the gym. After a couple of sessions, the body becomes more toned and slender, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, which also occurs due to the improvement of lymph flow and removal of excess fluid from the body.

The Main Advantages of Pressotherapy
  1. Safe and enjoyable weight loss

  2. Increasing muscle tone and gaining a toned figures

  3. Prevention of oedema and thrombosis

  4. A person feels happier, a surge of strength

  5. The aging process of the skin slows down, it's quality improves

  6. Chronic fatigue disappears

  7. Blood flow and cell saturation with oxygen and nutrients restored

  8. Toxins are removed from the body, immunity is increased

  9. It's a painless procedure

  10. No age restrictions

  11. Fast effect ( you can see and feel improvements after the first procedure)