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Bridal Facial Treatments in Birmingham

bridal treatment packages

Do you want to have the perfect skin for your big day?

Are you looking to have that flawless complexion for make up application? 

If the answer is yes, Book your bridal consultation to discuss all the treatments on offer at one of the best bridal skin specialists in Birmingham.

Bridal Treatment packages

Each individual skin has it’s own qualities & skin concerns. Your wedding is the day when all eyes are on you, that’s why at Sorelle Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic we have exclusive facial treatment packages tailored to your skin needs to give outstanding skin results & the perfect base for your wedding make up application. We have packages to suit all budgets & timelines, from 12 months planning to last minute perfection packages.

Your journey starts with a complimentary 3D skin analysis and consultation with our skin specialist. So why not start your flawless skin journey today & book in for your bridal consultation.

Monthly payment plans are available. Ask for more information

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Healthy, smooth and glowing skin is the basis of any make up look and will ensure you look your absolute best on the day and after.

Our Tip: Start your skin journey early. Healthy glowing skin takes time so book your consultation today

12 month package

  • Full 30 minute 3D skin analysis & consultation
  • x 10 60 minute customised “The Glow” facials
  • x 10 “The Restore” skin peels
  • x 10 “The DermaGlow” facials
  • x 10 LED light therapy
  • 25% OFF skincare products
  • 25% OFF other treatments incl your wedding party

6 month package

  • Full 30 minute 3D skin analysis & consultation
  • x 4 60 minute customised “The Glow” facials
  • x 4 “The Restore” skin peels
  • x 4 “The DermaGlow” facials
  • x 4 LED light therapy
  • 20% OFF skincare products
  • 20% OFF other treatments incl your wedding party

3 month package

  • Full 30 minute 3D skin analysis & consultation
  • x 2 60 minute customised “The Glow” facials
  • x 2 “The Restore” skin peels
  • x 2 “The DermaGlow” facials
  • x 2 LED light therapy
  • 15% OFF skincare products
  • 15% OFF other treatments incl your wedding party
  • Full 30 minute 3D skin analysis & consultation
  • x 1 60 minute customised “The Glow” facials
  • x 1 “The Restore” skin peels
  • x 1 “The DermaGlow” facials
  • x 1 LED light therapy
  • 10% OFF skincare products
  • 10% OFF other treatments incl your wedding party
  • Full skin analysis skin consultation for face, neck & décolleté

  • Up to 25% off skincare products

  • Personalised home skincare routine

  • Monthly customised treatment plan tailored to your skin concerns

  • Up to 25% off  treatments for your wedding party

Bridal Treatment Packages from £135



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“I would recommend Sorelle Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic to anyone who wants a top notch service! Each visit is personable and tailored to what you seek and you see the results. I remember when I first came my skin was pretty dull with breakouts and in a couple of treatments with specialist advice my skin is pretty damn good! I would never change to another clinic they have me for life. They know what they are talking about and have the knowledge and training to back it up. I have been coming here for a couple of years now for various treatments for example laser, facials and lymphatic drainage. Donna is exceptional the products are great and so is she!”


“Most amazing experience with Donna had a number of sessions booked with her from the beginning of the year to prep my skin for my wedding. I went through four sessions of microneedling along with other treatments suggested by Donna to reduce my acne scarring and to receive a natural glow. I can say I’m extremely satisfied with the service received and the end results, each session was made according to how my skin was on that session. I had a final pamper session just a couple of days before the wedding which did magic over the wedding weekend and after that too. Donna provided so many tips and products according to my skin and I’m so happy to have used these and I’m currently using these products as they’ve done wonders to my face and skin. Thank you so much Donna would definitely recommend her!”

“Sorelle Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic is honestly the best clinic. Donna is exceptional at what she does and her services are 10/10. The clinic is clean and it is a relaxing environment. My skin has improved so much because Donna cares about her clients skin and skincare routine. The facials are amazing and my skin always looks incredible after each facial. The aftercare is fantastic because Donna recommends the best products to ensure your skin is looked after and what steps to take next ie what facial you should book next & how long you should wait before the next facial. The products that Donna recommends actually work and rejuvenate the skin. I’m getting married in a few months and I have been on the Sorelle Aesthetics & Beauty journey for nearly a year now (facials & laser hair removal) to get wedding ready & I would recommend everybody to book Donna.”


It is recommended to start your bridal skin treatment at least 6 months before your wedding day. This allows sufficient time for any customized treatments and skincare routines to take effect and address specific concerns, ensuring your skin looks radiant and flawless on your special day.

We offer a range of bridal skin treatments tailored to various skin types and concerns. We will conduct a thorough skin analysis and consultation to assess your skin condition and recommend personalized treatments for you. Whether you’re dealing with acne, uneven skin tone, or hydration issues, we have treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Absolutely! We will create the perfect personalized pre-wedding skincare routine to address your specific skin needs and goals. This may include a combination of  treatments, and recommended home care products. Following a consistent skincare routine leading up to your wedding day will ensure your skin is at its best.

Yes, our bridal skin treatments are designed with safety in mind and can be customized to suit various skin types, including sensitive skin. However, it’s important to inform us of any allergies or skin conditions during the consultation so that we can make appropriate adjustments and recommendations for your unique needs.

The timeline for results varies depending on the specific treatment and individual skin conditions. While some improvements may be noticeable immediately, optimal results are typically achieved over a series of sessions. We recommend starting your bridal skincare journey well in advance to allow ample time for the treatments to work their magic and reveal your radiant, glowing skin on your wedding day.

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