At a glance

Treatment Time – 30 mins (not  incl consultation)

Results – Hydration, volume, contour

Results Last – 6-12 months

Pain Level – Topical anaesthetic can be applied if preferred





Your lips can be so much more than a colour. They are an expression of who you are. Lips can subtly or dramatically change the overall look of your face, and that’s why we love to detail them. Our signature lip filler treatment involves micro injections to the lips to hydrate, revitalise and, if desired, add plumpness and volume. The hyaluronic acid gel works to reduce the signs of ageing as well as enhance shape and definition.

We specialise in natural volume enhancements to add fullness to thinner lips, adjust the proportions of asymmetry and help upturn drooping corners of the mouth for a more youthful look.

All dermal filler treatments require a consultation to assess if you are suitable. We do not treat those pregnant or breastfeedling

It is our goal to ensure all treatments are approached with the utmost safety to ensure we protect your wellbeing. With any injectables there is a chance that bruising and/or swelling may occur. To reduce the risk of bruising try to avoid omega-3 supplements, blood thinners and alcohol for 48 hours prior to your injectable treatments

Your aftercare will be discussed during your consultation and following your treatment. An out of hours emergency contact will be provided for your complete reassurance too