Contouring the Jawline

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Most people don’t think about it, but the jawline can be subject to the same aging process as wrinkles on the forehead and neck. In fact, deep indentations between the chin and ear are often referred to as jowls and marionette lines. These crevices can give your entire face a drooping appearance, so they should be treated before they become completely established. At Sorelle Aesthetics Clinic we offer sagging jaw line treatments with highly experienced advanced aesthetic practitioners. Our chin enhancement treatments will also add definition, contour and proportion to the lower face.


Jawline contour

The benefits of chin enhancement

  • Improve the definition and contour of the chin and jaw line

  • To correct asymmetry of the chin

  • Lengthen the chin to make the proportions of the face more balanced

  • Reshape the chin to be more feminine or masculine