As we age lips lose definition and lustre. Lip blushing is a perfect treatment for restoring the look and vitality of the lips without the need for lip fillers and other invasive treatments.



WOW! Are you looking for a lip treatment that covers, enhances and shapes your lips perfectly? Look no further than permanent makeup lip blush. With new and exciting techniques, I can help to gain you fuller sensual lips. I am trained with the latest techniques to achieve astonishing lip results. Using semi-permanent make up to recreate shape and colour, correct imperfections, unevenness and fine lines – giving you a perfect shaped and tinted lip without a border; an entirely natural and flattering look that brings the confidence back to your mouth!


The LIP BLUSH Permanent Makeup procedure is the most natural looking lip enhancement available, resulting in lips which are shaped and tinted with a flawless borderless look. You’ll be ready to apply your favourite lip gloss and have full sensual lips 24/7.


lip blush birmingham.jpg